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Mmm...I wonder what they're doing under the water...

I hereby claim these my colors!!!
Hehe, first come first serve, dears.
So, this is Shibbastley 1432. (That was hard to type..i had to think...)
^_^! Well, This is just the introductory page..when it was updated, established, birthdays, whatever you'd like to put here of significance. Blah blah blah. It's like I like the sound of my typing or something. o_O
-Shibby 2
Uhh... I guess these are meh colors now =3 Asenath colors!! xD Wooo... Uhh... I'll go figure out something to add, I'm sure. o_O
HEY SHIBBAYBAYZ! wussup?! duuuude, this new site is gonna be "jammin" and sexy and spazmatastically freakishfulishishful!   ah....... that brings back memories! hehe! *XOXOXO*
Shibby Four ;)
Fuck. Maybe we should update more often. xD; Yeah... umm... HAPPY 2005, EVERYONE!
Shibby One

This site was established September 19, 2004.
Happy Half-Birthday, Kathleen! - 9/19/2004
Happy 2005, mah shibbies! January 1st, 2005

I had to put something here.