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Shibby Talk

: : . : : | s h i b b a s t l e y | : : . : :

Yakkity-yak...please talk back! (I'm so lame...)

WOO. FIRST ENTRY IN SHIBBY TALK! Go #2, go #2, it's not my half-birthday, it's not my half-birthday! (It's K-Ath H's!! =)! )
o-o And yeah!!
-Shibby 2

Wooo.... I used to have this long thing about Nipa being my luver and stuff and then I hit a button and it all died... "Rain rain go away, come again another day, all the world is waiting for the sun..." Awww, BB... ^_^ Ahaha, BiBi! BiBi! That's me!! *Prances* BiBi!
...o_o xD I should be working on me fics... ^^;;
i should be too... but i really am drawin blanks and i hafta read my stupid "to kill a mockingbird" ...MEH!!!  i wanna read the rest of teh Love Bites series... for those who havent the slightest idea wut I'm talkin about, go read the books by Lynsay Sands...DUDE! she rocks!
Shibby 4 ;)
Omg, I added the coolest song evar. It's a gangster song, and it's hella-tight.
I'm going to be evil to all of you and add MY music all around the site. MUAHAHAH!!
-With love, Shibby #2.
Dude, wut'd people do if we added maynard's Dick...HEHEHEHEHE!!!
u should write a song called Jerry's Dick!
Shibby 4 ;)
hehe, Jerry's dick. xD;; Anyone heard the neato version of "Pet"? It's called "Like Sheep To the Rythym of the War Drum" and the video is, I think, a Bush-hate video. I loooove the song -- this version is soooo awesome, but really long. 6 minutes :O BUt it's cool!! ^_^!!
Hehe, I'll go... now. I should be doing... anything else but this... ;D
Jerry's dick? Oh man, I'd bang that...I MEAN...HOW SICK! UGH! Freaking pervy pervy perverts! I don't wanna hit that. *Denial denial.* XD MOVING ON...I should do something random to spark more conversation?
God, it's been a lovely day!!
Everything's been going my way
Ever since you went away
And I'm on fire! :D
(Okay, so that song doesn't agree with today, but whatever!)
Oooh, crap. I forgot to show my mom my biology test and lab. The lab was really good--I got an 83. I got a 90 something on my test---out of 100 something! =\...
I think I failed my History test, because I knew nothing on it...
Aww. I have to go to Jazz Band tonight and be reminded of
A. How much I suck at the bass
B. How much I don't have the time to fucking practice
C. How much it sucks that the concert is tomorrow
D. How much Mr. Bolduc THINKS I can play, but he's just trying to have faith in something that's going to fall out.
If the songs don't get easier, I'm quitting! D:
:D Half Jack <3
I tried to put a song on this site, but all of the pages had the same song! =(
It's half biology ( SDIFHSKDJFHSEG.) and half corrective surgery gone wrong!
I'm Half Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll....
And Halk Jack!
Ooh, oh oh!
Ooo, oh oh!
Ooh, oh oh!
Good song. '-'
Two halves are equal. a cross between to evils!
It's not an enviable lot, Ooh, ooh, ooh.
-Shibby #2.


..xD Silly Nipa. I'm listening to 'A Moment Like This' and it makes me happpppppy. :3 Tonight is our Secret Santa!! Yaaaaay, food and presents and FRIENDS. Muahahahahaha ^_^

A MOMENT LIKE THIIIIIIIS... Some people wait a lifetime... for a moment like this... some people search forever... for that one special kiss. Oh, I can't believe it's happening to me... Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like thiiiiiiiis...

<3 Oh man... it's 4 o'clock-y ness. I should finish that pic for my grandma... Weeeee, gotta run! ^_^


I'm listening to a really spiffy song by Soundgarden. "Burden in My Hand". :3 Ooooh, there she goes, out in the sunshine, the sun is mine, sun is mine! I shooot my looove today, would you cry for me? *Dances* I lost my head again, would you lie for meee? =) Ehehe.
We should make another one of those pages where we can raleate things to animes, mangas, and the like. Ahh! I love this song. ^-^
The Christmas party was rad stuff. ;3 Ehehe,kekekekaehwkaka? AHAHAH. o_o Okay, I'm good.
What other pages should we make? I was thinking of doing a take-off of Shauna's add on ficceh, except we all add out own contributions in our colors. Whaddya think?
*Runs off dancing!*
-Shibby #2.

Tomorrow... I wanna have eggs for breakfast. Owwie, my finger hurts. ;-; *Kisses it*
Waaai, Nipa, we haveth teh plan! Come back online! *Pines* I need human contact!
...Fuck. This really, really hurts. I think I got like, soap or something in it. ;-;
I drawed a shako, mommy! Aren't you PROUD of me?
Yeah. Your mom! Ooooh. Jesu got owned.
Like the new music? I bet you do. It's Java. Hehe.
o_o Oh man. Oh man. I need to make more crazy music updates on this site.
-Shibby #2.

Talkie talkie talkie. >=D