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About the Shibbys

: : . : : | s h i b b a s t l e y | : : . : :

About us! ^_^

Shibbastley #1
Name: Jessaaaaa
Age: Swinging 15 ;D
Gender: God you fuckers, with a name like Jessa, what do you think I am?? o_O
Fav. Anime: I am sorry Shibbys, it is not Inuyasha any longer, tis YuGiOh. But you knew that. =3
Fav. Quote: "...Huh?" (Me xD)
Fav. FANFIC quote (Just fer me and me love of fanfics!)
"I wanna find the guy who sold me my Sennen Ring."
"Why? So you can punch his lights out?" ~Silly Una xD
Fav. Charas: Shippo, Inu, Sango, Shiori <3, Ryou Bakura, Theif King Bakura, Jonouchi Katsuya, Kyo Hiyakawa, Seira (Whatever her last name is xD) The Entire Azumanga gang, Sumomo!! Uhh... Yeah...
Fave song: At the moment, "So Cold" by BB!!
AIM: xTheifAsenathx (Yes, spelled wrong. xP)
... That's it? Okey ^o^
Fave screenshot:

He's soooo kawaii! I just wanna glomp him ^_^ Click to see a site...

Name: Henna
Age: 14.. is that a bakers dozen?
Gender: hehe... wuteva u want me to be, babeZ! hehe, i jk... GIRLS RULE! BOYS DROOL!
Fav. Anime: Inuyasha!!! I dont really watch much else...besides sailor moon... I'm more of a manga girl meself!
Fav. Quote: "I'm a brick!" ~Ralphie, the Simpsons
Fav. Book Quote: "love was like that; everyone loved the wrong person, who loved someone else or didnt love at all.
Fav. Charas: DUDE! that so obvious! Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Inu and Kouga! and from Sailor Moon, Jupiter, Jetite, Melvin, and of course TUXEDO!!! or Darien, whicheva u like!
Fave song: Going Under~Evanescence, Broken~Seether, A Whole New World~ Aladdin
AIM: x4xfallenx5x, xsunshinex26510, Cupid4EvaXOXO
Fave screenshot:
The new information for Shibbastley #3 will go here soon.
Name: Nipa ;)
Age: I'm a grandpa. Mmmm. Anndd..a Baker's Dozen is 13, dear.
Gender: I have a gigantic penis.
Fav. Anime: I'm quite partial to...Azumanga Daioh, Kodocha, and Angel Sanctuary. Chobits has gotten really good lately..and Angelic Layer made me cry at the last episode...SO MANY! '_'
Fav. Quote: "Band and practice are two words that don't go together with our band...kinda like 'military intelligence'" - Jerry
Fav. Movie Quote: ...Imma put it. Yes. Imma put it. The long-ass Spider-man one! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!
"I said, Spider-man, the great thing about Mary-Jane is that when you're looking into her eyes..and she's looking back in yours..everything feels...not quite normal. You feel stronger, yet weaker at the same time. You feel excited...but at the same time...terrified. Truth is, you don't really know how to feel--but you know what kind of man you want to become... It's've reached the unreachable...but you weren't quite ready for it..."
SDSHFGIAHWKHASD. <3333333333333333333
Favorite Characters:  o-o
Inuyasha : Kikyou and Miroku
Ranma 1/2 : Shampoo and Ryouga! ^^
Angel Sanctuary : Kira, Kurai, Arachne...Oh, hell, all of them. xD
Azumanga Daioh : OSAKA <333333 And Mr. Tadakichi...and Yamapikayara, Yamamaya, The Iriomote Cat, or Pika-meow-meow.
Angelic Layer : Oujirou. o_o Hot. And Iichan. <3!
Chobits : Chii and Sumomo and Katoko is so cuuute!!
Princess Nine : Omg. I love Yuki. ;-; The poor girl!
AIM : x S0mething Else
O-o Kay I'm done.


*Runs around screaming, throwing muffins in her wake*