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Our Shift in Numbers

: : . : : | s h i b b a s t l e y | : : . : :

Dance, dance my little minions!

=o New Shibby 3.

Okay! I want these to be my new colors..since they're not I hope no one resents me for that! ANYWAYS.
Shibby #3 is no longer the girl we called "Lindsay".

There is a new Shibby #3 in town, and since I think in 7th grade we promised the right to anonymity, I will not name her here.
But let it be known, on the other two sites, the Shibby 3s are not the same!
Thank you, and goodnight!!! ^^
<3 Shibby 2.
For anyone who objects, Lindsay already said that she was fine with it, and wanted no part in Shibbastley anymore.