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Oh man -- I have a page!! :D!

Hehe. I have a page of my own. :3 Yaaaaay.
Uhh... is this sorta like a diary or something? o_O Whatever... uhm... It's 7:55 on Sunday morning, and, uh, we're have an OM meeting this day. A week before X-mas. And I still hafta send my package to Kiyama. x-X God, am I late...
Signing out, yo =o
Hells yes. I haven't updated this site since... well, since then. o_O It's February 18, at 8:05 PM, and now we have a week off! Yaaay, mandatory vacations! *Celebrates*
*Vandalism vandalism*
Guess who!
Oh baby! ;0 Let's go boogie down!

*Grabs a stand, ducks, and runs full speed* AHHHHH WINDSPRINTS AHHHHHHHH!